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For most people these days live chat rooms is where they started meeting up with friends and building contacts although most start out going done the free Crossdresser live Chat, but soon realise being free and anyone can access isn’t always a good thing!


If there is one good thing about free chatrooms is it makes people, see why member only access chat rooms are so much better, and you can have a lot more fun knowing you are talking to the person on the profile!


With Crossdressing Chat Rooms being so popular as you would expect we have one that members can access and its never a dull place with members meeting up and often arranging hookups with others for some fun, want to join in?.


Live Crossdresser Chat Rooms

OK whats on offer? First you as accessing a members only live chat, so this means people have either paid to access the members section of have been a free member and now able to join in with the crossdresser chatrooms.


Because it’s a members only people must agree to some rules mostly around being pleasant to others and not spamming the different chat rooms with messages. Should you break these rules often, then you could be locked out of the chat for a week or longer.


This means you don’t have the issues that many free ones have plus you know if someone has joined the site, they are probably looking for something other than just chatting..


Finding Contacts in Chatrooms ..

Once you enter the chatrooms you will see profile details along with small photos of everyone that is online and, in the chatroom, from there you can view their personals advert along with any media uploaded by the member.


If you like what you see then you can send post up a message to member, or if you like just post up a welcome message and I’m sure it won’t take long before members start responding and hopefully arranging hookups!.


Private Messages ..

Within the chatroom you can send private messages to each other, this is a great way to have a more one on one chat, but before you request a private chat its always a good idea to have at least chatted with the member in the chatroom first.


Some members find it a little rude just to get a private chat request from someone they have never spoken to before… just a little tip !

Join us today and start accessing members online and chatting live with crossdressers and admirers.